4. Inspiring and References Category

Official Gamescom Trailer

Devastation of Rotterdam

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FEgeuGsmzQ )

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Jam – 3D Character


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Short Animated

The journey of life…

( https://vimeo.com/242073421 )

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Animation Reel

God of War Gameplay Animations

( https://vimeo.com/275888180 )

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Ads for Renault ZE

Animated movie tells the romantic and comical story of a postman and his troublesome pursuit to get closer to his crush…

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2CRFsJnxqY )

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Hair Tool for Maya

Simply create a variety of breads

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llTbEyI2i2U )

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Overwatch Animation Reel 2016

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDKUcpLyhMg )

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Pixar Guys’ Flesh Simulation

Their model maintains the fleshy appearance of the Neo-Hookean model, exhibits superior volume preservation, and is robust to extreme kinematic rotations and inversions

( https://vimeo.com/245424174 )

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Orcs Must Die – Dance Animation


( https://vimeo.com/245947925 )

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‘The Hunt’ Animated Trailer

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSGdN4hOiLc )

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Abandoned Building Diorama


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Animation Reel 2017

Personal tests & work done at Blur Studio, MPC and Microsoft

( https://vimeo.com/202766029 )

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Some Animated Splashart


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Different running cycles
and breakdown

( https://vimeo.com/156076080 )

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Characters rig template

AutoRig Tool
& features.

( https://vimeo.com/235821277 )

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Procedural Rigging with Construction Kits

Quick demo of rigging modules :
Autorig, Tools…

( https://vimeo.com/232917909 )

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Showreel 2017

Rigging, Muscle systems, AutoRigging

( https://vimeo.com/215319700 )

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Animation Reel

Animations done on Horizon Zero Dawn

( https://vimeo.com/215179034 )

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Behind the scenes

How this 100% realistic robin was created

( https://vimeo.com/212822645 )

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Character Test

Facial animations & walk tests

( https://vimeo.com/212489430 )

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About me...


Cinematic / Gameplay Animator
Technical Animator

14+ years experience in video game industry
16 Games shipped including 5 AAA

2nd of January 1984

Nationality : French
French : Native Speaker
English : Full Professional

3dsMax, MotionBuilder, Maya, Motion Capture, Tools Scripting (Python, Maxscript, MEL, C#...) ...

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- Professional, - Video Games, Feat.1

Quantum Break

Action-Adventure / XboxOne

Some NPCs Ingame & Cinematics animations.
Motion Capture Editing

- Facial, Feat.2

Rooney – Facial Rig

Facial Rigging & Scripting

- Professional, - Video Games, Feat.3

Kinect Rush : A Disney Pixar Adventure

Adventure-Action / Xbox360 Kinect

Character Cartoon Ingame Animation

Feat.6, MotionBuilder

inBeTween Machine

MotionBuilder Tool

Python Scripting
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