About me...


Senior 3D Animator / Technical Animator

12+ years experience in video game industry
13 Games shipped including 3 AAA

2nd of January 1984

Nationality : French
French : Native Speaker
English : Full Professional

3dsMax, MotionBuilder, Maya, Motion Capture, Tools Scripting (Python, Maxscript, MEL, C#...) ...

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- Professional, - Video Games, Feat.1

Quantum Break

Action-Adventure / XboxOne

Some NPCs Ingame & Cinematics animations.
Motion Capture Editing

- Facial, Feat.2

Rooney – Facial Rig

Facial Rigging & Scripting

-- Personal, Feat.4

Rooney Animations

Facial Animations in Keyframing

- Professional, - Video Games, Feat.5

Kinect Rush : A Disney Pixar Adventure

Adventure-Action / Xbox360 Kinect

Character Cartoon Ingame Animation

Feat.6, MotionBuilder

inBeTween Machine

MotionBuilder Tool

Python Scripting
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Featured Videos
inBeTweenMachin’ MotionBuilder 2016 & Higher
    So here is my version for MotionBuilder of the famous Maya tool « TweenMachine », so an animator can quickly set keyframes and in-betweens depending on his previous/next poses.

I wanted to use the most of the software and its rig :
- It works on any kind of nodes ( markers, nulls, multiple selection, control rigs…).
- choose your character and set in-betweens directly on the full body,…
- you can go beyond the previous/next poses to make your anticipation/follow through…
- …and tweak your poses using the different body parts of your control rig.

LOD Viewer 3dsMax
    Here is a simple tool to isolate or switch between your different LODs directly in 3dsMax.