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Senior 3D Animator / Technical Animator

12+ years experience in video game industry
13 Games shipped including 3 AAA

2nd of January 1984

Nationality : French
French : Native Speaker
English : Full Professional

3dsMax, MotionBuilder, Maya, Motion Capture, Tools Scripting (Python, Maxscript, MEL, C#...) ...

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- Professional, - Video Games, Feat.1

Quantum Break

Action-Adventure / XboxOne

Some NPCs Ingame & Cinematics animations.
Motion Capture Editing

- Facial, Feat.2

Rooney – Facial Rig

Facial Rigging & Scripting

-- Personal, Feat.4

Rooney Animations

Facial Animations in Keyframing

- Professional, - Video Games, Feat.5

Kinect Rush : A Disney Pixar Adventure

Adventure-Action / Xbox360 Kinect

Character Cartoon Ingame Animation

Feat.6, MotionBuilder

inBeTween Machine

MotionBuilder Tool

Python Scripting
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26 June 2009 Masterclass about Character animation pipeline, Motion Capture and Rigging WILLING TO LEARN FROM THE BEST
20 June 2008 Masterclass with Kyle Balda (Pixar, ILM, Lucas Arts…) about Animation & Acting  
2005-2006 Realisation of our graduation short movie “ Bed Boy”  
2003-2005 2 years in 3D Broadcast at the ISART (Institut Superieur de l’ART Digital) GRADUATE
2002-2003 Multimedia/Web/Print at the ISART  
2001-2002 PCSI (Physic-Chemistry)  
2001 Baccalaureat S, French equivalent to A level in Sciences  

12+ years experience in video game industry as Animator

Feb2019-Now Senior Tech. Animator « Eidos Montreal » – Quebec  

Softs : …

Jan2018-Feb2019 Senior Tech. Animator « Gameloft Montreal » – Quebec  

■ Character Rigging, Tools Scripting
■ Network / Blendtree in Morpheme

Softs : 3dsMax, Maxscript

Sep2016-Jan2018 Senior Tech. Animator « Beenox » – Quebec  

■ Character Specialist : In charge of creation of Character Pipeline, Creation of Facial Rig and UI FacePicker.
■ Rigging (Characters, Weapons, Vehicles, Props), Tools programming…

Softs : Maya, Python, MEL, 3dsMax

Fev2016-Aug2016 3D Animator & Technical « Asobo Studio » – France  

■ Character Ingame Animation, Motion Capture Editing

Softs : Motion Builder, 3dsMax

Aug2015-Jan2016 System Animator « Remedy Entertainment » – Finland  

■ Character Ingame Animation (NPC Locomotions , Dialogs…), Cinematic Ingame Animation…
■ Motion Capture Editing

Softs : Motion Builder

Sep2011-Aug2015 3D Animator & Technical « Asobo Studio » – France  

■ Character Ingame Animation, Motion Capture Editing, Facial Motion Capture Editing (Faceware softwares)…
■ Character Setup and Facial Rigging
■ Tools Scripting (Maxscript, Python)

Softs : Motion Builder, 3dsMax, Faceware, Matchmover

Jul2010-Aug2011 3D Animator « Hydravision Entertainment » – France  

■ Character & Assets Animation

Softs : 3dsMax, Character Studio

Jan2010-Jun2010 Lead Animator « Hydravision Entertainment » – France  

■ Managing team, outsourcers and MotionCapture Actors, in charge of department planning and cohesion with others departments on the video game “X Factor”(Xbox360, PS3, Wii).
■ Facial Rigging, RTC & Character Animation, Motion Capture Shoots.

Softs : 3dsMax, Character Studio, Maxscript Tools, Motion Capture suite softwares

Mar2007-Dec2009 3D Animator / Rigging « Hydravision Entertainment » – France  
■ Character Animation(realistic, cartoon, Real Time/Ingame, facial…), Motion Capture Editing, Character Setup and facial rigging, Maxscript, R&D…
■ Skinning, Motion Mixer and Layers, Keyframing, Morphing, animation loops, posing…

Softs : 3dsMax, Character Studio, After Effects, Motion Capture suite softwares

Jul2004-Jul2005 3D Graphist / Animator « Nouveau Studio » – France  

■ 1-year Telecommuting Internship in alternation with my last year at the ISART (1 week at school/3 weeks in internship).
■ Realisation of short footages on differents themes for cellular phones (MMS, Screensavers…)

Softs : 3dsMax, After Effects, Combustion, Photoshop




3D : 3dsMax, Character Studio, Motion Builder, Maya, Unity, Morpheme, Motion Capture softwares, Faceware(Facial Mocap), Unreal Engine 3(notions) SELF-MOTIVATED
Scripting Languages : Python, Maxscript, MEL, CSharp, Javascript, HTML  
Others : After Effects, Premiere, Matchmover, Boujou, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash & Actionscript, Dreamweaver  
Language : French : Native Speaker
English : Full Professional Proficiency


  Sports : 16 years of Taekwondo in club (participation to many competitions), Kobudo, Hapkido, Soccer
Movies, Video Games, Drawing, Guitar

References available upon request or on myLinkedIn